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    Story is living at a new boarding barn and has settled in quite nicely.  She is now about three miles from my house so I am able to see everyday, which is so wonderful!  We are hoping to go to another show soon, so the extra rides are great!  She is also turned out with buddies and I know that makes her so happy, although it does seem that she has been in heat ever since we got there!  The barn we came from had a boy shortage  :)
     My daughter has been able to come see her too and has even ridden for the first time (on her own) on the BO's pony.  Things are looking up for us and the future is bright!




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My poor girl broke out in hives two days ago.  We really have no idea from what,  but the weather here in Arizona is so muggy and perhaps that is why.  Bought  some childrens benedryl at the pharmacy and we gave her a good dose.  She did  feel and look much better yesterday.  This weather is very difficult for  everyone.  It is hard to go outside, let alone ride a horse.  My work schedule  is funky, so that doesn't help, but it will when the weather cools down and my  daughter Lilian starts preschool (!). 
    So out of curiosity  and because Story is such a wonderful girl, I have been interested in her  siblings.  I have spoken online with the owner of her father, Louis Arthur, and  did find out that Story does not have a full sibling.  She does have three half siblings out of her mother, Baby Stories.  I will post more when I can find pictures and information on each one.  It is fun to see how they are doing!
*The photo that goes along with this post is Louis Arthur, Story's sire.*

So I rode Story this past weekend, which is pretty much the only time I am able to ride her.  If I can squeeze in one day during the week, I am lucky!  The funny thing is how everything with Story has just fallen into place.  She is only three, so three days a week is enough.  I will have to share my story (ha!) on how Story came to me.  It was meant to be!  
    Anyways, we have the very normal three year old issues, so no big deal at all.  Considering how young she is and how little she knows, Story is amazing!  The good thing is that she does certain at the same spots in the arena, so I am ready to help her out.  She falls in during trot and canter in on certain corner every time.  Story is not very balanced, so it can take alot of strenght on my part to move her over.  I decided to wear my spurs, which was hard for me to do, I guess because Story is my real first horse and I love her so much!  My spurs are the ones with the roller ball, so they are not harsh at all.  I did not even have to use them.  Story knew I had them on and she did not fall in once, even in canter!  That girl is too smart.
Well a trim anyways.  Story had her feet trimmed on June 30th and she was such a good girl!.  No surprise, she is such a smart, level-headed mare.  We had a bit of an isse with picking up feet in the past.  She was not big on letting me pick up her back feet and liked to pretend not to notice that I wanted to pick out her fronts.  That is the smartness in her!  We had a "discussion" and now we have no issues with the feet.  I even stretch her legs prior to our rides and it helps her relax.  The farrier commented on how much better she was this time and this made Mommy so proud!
I have decided to start writing about my adventures with my mare, Story.  She is the horse I have dreamt about for twenty years and sort of fell into my lap, so to speak.  I had no intention of buying a horse, just to exercise some horses for sale for a friend.  Well, the rest is history, as they say.  Her registered name is Retell the Story and is a 2008 race bred Thoroughbred mare, but was never on the track.  her sire is Louis Arthur, a TB racehorse sire here in Arizona.  Story has such an amazing mind and you would never guess that she just turned three!  I am not able to ride her as often as I would like, due to distance, work, etc... , but she never acts terribly goofy, just the regular baby stuff.  The plan is to start taking her to shows at the end of the year, when the weather cools off.  I would like to do eventing with her, but she also has the movement to be a hunter.  We will see!