My poor girl broke out in hives two days ago.  We really have no idea from what,  but the weather here in Arizona is so muggy and perhaps that is why.  Bought  some childrens benedryl at the pharmacy and we gave her a good dose.  She did  feel and look much better yesterday.  This weather is very difficult for  everyone.  It is hard to go outside, let alone ride a horse.  My work schedule  is funky, so that doesn't help, but it will when the weather cools down and my  daughter Lilian starts preschool (!). 
    So out of curiosity  and because Story is such a wonderful girl, I have been interested in her  siblings.  I have spoken online with the owner of her father, Louis Arthur, and  did find out that Story does not have a full sibling.  She does have three half siblings out of her mother, Baby Stories.  I will post more when I can find pictures and information on each one.  It is fun to see how they are doing!
*The photo that goes along with this post is Louis Arthur, Story's sire.*