So I rode Story this past weekend, which is pretty much the only time I am able to ride her.  If I can squeeze in one day during the week, I am lucky!  The funny thing is how everything with Story has just fallen into place.  She is only three, so three days a week is enough.  I will have to share my story (ha!) on how Story came to me.  It was meant to be!  
    Anyways, we have the very normal three year old issues, so no big deal at all.  Considering how young she is and how little she knows, Story is amazing!  The good thing is that she does certain at the same spots in the arena, so I am ready to help her out.  She falls in during trot and canter in on certain corner every time.  Story is not very balanced, so it can take alot of strenght on my part to move her over.  I decided to wear my spurs, which was hard for me to do, I guess because Story is my real first horse and I love her so much!  My spurs are the ones with the roller ball, so they are not harsh at all.  I did not even have to use them.  Story knew I had them on and she did not fall in once, even in canter!  That girl is too smart.

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